2017 Art School Graduation Show

Masterpieces at Any Age, A Children's Art Retrospective

Art works by Anna Laptova, Lizka Vaintrob, and Phillip Bindeman of Eugene, Oregon


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Anna Laptova-5yo-Enchanted Hut
Lizka Vaintrob-15yo-Lost In...
Anna Laptova-13yo-Masha
Phillip Bindeman-15yo-Prague
Lizka Vaintrob-12yo-Two Marys at the Cross
Lizka Vaintrob-16yo-The Storyteller
Phillip Bindeman-9yo-Seaside
Anna Laptova-12yo-Yelena's Dream
Phillip Bindeman-9yo-Kremlin
Anna Laptova-13yo-Girl with an Earring
Phillip Bindeman-11yo-White Heron
Lizka Vaintron-17yo-Lady Peasant poster
Phillip Bindeman-5yo-Artist Studio
Phillip Bindeman-9yo-Tree
Lizka Vaintrob-16yo-Black and White Renaissance Future
Anna Laptova-12yo-April
Phillip Bindeman-8yo-Winter
Liza Vaintrob-5yo-Girl and Bovine
Lizka Vaintrob-12yo-Rain
Anna Laptova-12yo
Anna Laptova
Phillip Bindeman-11yo-Little Brother
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