Children's Art Museum - the Present


Our permanent collection contains drawings, paintings, and collages by artists ages 4-18 from USA and other countries, dating back to 1990's. At the moment we are a "traveling museum" without permanent premises. We actively seek and find opportunities to exhibit parts of our collection at local venues to promote children's art and enhance wellbeing of those who see it.

Art for Your Walls

We can bring vibrant and uplifting children's art to a bank, a coffee shop or a hospital. Our exhibits can be organized by a theme, for example, Fairy Tales, Magical Creatures, Cats&Dogs, Horses. Contact us if you own or manage a business in the Eugene/Springfield area and you are interested in hosting our exhibit.


Digital Art Gallery

One of the Museum's major projects is digitizing the art collection, which is ongoing. This is a tedious and time consuming process as we have hundrends of art-works stored in several locations in Oregon. New images are continually added to the Gallery pages.


The Future Education Center and Museum       


The goal of the capital campaign is to collect the funds necessary to acquire a building in the Eugene/Springfield area in Oregon that can house art collection of the Children's Art Museum as well as serve as a public Multicultural Education Center.


Contact us if you can help!

Why We Are Doing It


After many years teaching visual arts to children and participating in national and international events, we have accumulated a world-class collection of amazing art created by artists ages 4 to 18. The breadth and depth of these works defy any notion of children's art being in any way less than "the real thing". Art collectors around the world, as well as psychologists and educators, have come to recognize the importance and appreciate the fine artistic qualities of children's creations. We have exhibited parts of our collection at various temporary locations, but we are convinced that this art and the viewing public deserve more. Our desire is to share masterpieces in our collection with local audience, and to bring in international art exhibits. We would like to give Eugene a permanent museum of children's art that will grow and become the focal point of a variety of artictic and educational activities in the city. It will be the first children's art museum in Oregon, one of very few in the country. The museum will compliment the rich cultural scene of Eugene, at the same time widening its cosmopolitan qualitty with multicultural art exhibits and exchanges.


A vision of our Museum of Children’s Art and a man with keys who helped to make it happen by Tima, age 6


Our Vision


We would like to buy a building in the Eugene/Springfield area that can serve as home to:
  • Multicultural Education Center
  • Children's Art Museum
  • Children's Art Studio
  • Partnering organizations
The Museum will house a permanent collection of children's art from Oregon and from around the world. It will also provide exhibit spaces for on-going events and contests.
Art studio will provide visual art classes for children ages 4 to 18.
The Education Center will support multilingual theater and language arts projects run by our organization. It will also function as a community center open to other educational and cultural programs. It will be an inviting place where budding non-profits and established organizations may try out their ideas.


Children's Art Museums Worldwide

We can have one like these in our own back yard!



Paintbrush Diplomacy (PBD), Menlo Park, CA

Online Teaching Museum
Ages 5 to 18. Committed to “sharing the fruits of children’s creativity with people around the world.” 

Stone Soup, Santa Cruz, CA

Online Store
Stories, poems and art by kids through age 13. Inspiring, connecting and supporting creative kids around the world.

Museum of Children's Arts (MOCHA), Oakland, CA
Develop interactive spaces where children and their families create, share and connect through art. Its permanent art collection contains the works created by children during MOCHA art camps.



Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMANY), New York, New York
Ages up to 15. Introduce children and their families to the transformative power of the arts by providing opportunities to make art side-by-side with working artists.

World Awareness Children’s Museum, Glens Falls, New York
Inspire curiosity and foster understanding and appreciation of worldwide cultural diversity. 

Le Muz, Paris, France,  

London International Gallery of Children's Art (LIGCA), London, UK
Use children’s art as a tool to teach children about themselves and the world around them.

Museum of Children’s Art (Kinder-Kunst-Museum e.V. Berlin-International), Berlin, Germany
Call attention to and recognize creative expressiveness of children and build a worldwide forum for the cultural exchange on the basis of children’s art.

The International Museum of Children's Art (Det Internasjonale Barnekunstmuseet), Oslo, Norway
The three basic functions of the museum are to create, preserve, and present children's art worldwide.


Children's Art Museum at National Center for Aesthetics, Yerevan, Armenia

Representing children’s art as a part of the world culture.

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art, Athens, Greece
It exhibits exclusively drawings and three-dimensional artwork created by children 5 to 14 years old.

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