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Past Productions



Trilingual (English, French, Russian) Musical Children’s Play:


September - December 2016, Eugene, OR


A theatrical adventure for young artists interested in acting, drawing, painting, stage & costume design, song & dance, and a taste of French and Russian.

NOTE: Knowledge of French or Russian is not required.

  • Weekly play rehearsals starting September 20th
  • Weekly stage & costume design classes starting after September 20th
  • Two preliminary showcases - November 4 & 6
  • Two final performances - December 3 & 4

We are always looking for parent volunteers to help with rehearsals, stage design and costume creation. Let us know if you are interested!



Meeting and Rehearsal Location: Eugene Friend’s Meeting House, 2274 Onyx Street, Eugene, OR, across the street from Edison Elementary School.


Organizational Meeting: All participants are encouraged to attend the kick-off meeting on Tuesday, September 20, from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Registrations and payments will be accepted at the meeting.

Play Rehearsals: Every Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 pm starting after September 20 at Eugene Friend’s Meeting House.


Art Classes: After September 20 participants who signed up for the stage & costume design classes will meet at flexible times once a week at the Little Owl School of Art.


Costume Rehearsal: Friday, December 2 from 3:30 to 6:00 PM at Eugene Friend’s Meeting House.


First Performance (for families and friends): Saturday, December 3 from 1:30 to 4:00 PM in the Springfield City Library


Second Performance (the public is invited): Sunday, December 4 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM in the Eugene Public Library


Participation Fees: There is a charge of $50 per child, or $60 per family (of 2 or more siblings) for participation in both the play and art classes. A child may choose to participate in both or just in a single activity. Scholarships are available to those in need, please inquire during registration.


Application Process: You may either provide us a filled out registration form or submit an online application.

  • Download and print the attached document (below) and fill out the registration form on the second page.
    • Bring the form to the organizational meeting on September 20th.
    • Email the form to and include “Buzzer Fly” in the subject heading.
  • Alternatively, submit online registration form
  • Fees may be payed online via the Donate button or in person by check or cash during the organizational meeting.



Questions? Contact us at


      "This project is made possible in part
by a grant from Lane Arts Council
with support from the City of Eugene
Cultural Services Division.”

This project is also supported by Charlemagne French Immersion School.



Art created by children as part of the Buzzer-Fly project:


The Russian book cover, 1963

The Play


The original script, created by our staff, is based on a very popular Russian children's poem «Муха-Цокотуха» written by Корней Чуковский (Kornei Chukovskiy) in 1924 and its English translation titled «Buzzer-Fly» published by Robert Magidoff in 1939. It tells a classic story of a good-natured lady Fly captured by an evil Spider but in the end saved by a gallant Mosquito. "And they all lived happily ever after." The enduring charm of the story lies in its whimsical verse and humorous secondary characters.


The works by Kornei Chukovskiy for children are still widely read today, and most people raised in the former Soviet Union or today's Russia probably know the Buzzer-Fly poem by heart. We are delighted to bring this old favorite of all Russian speakers to the children of Eugene.


French translation by Jeanne Walrath. Additional translation by Elena Bogolyubova and Anastasia Savenko-Moore.


A good-natured Lady Fly lives happily in her town. One day she finds a golden coin, buys a samovar, and throws a party. A Bee, a Butterfly and numerous Beatles come over to enjoy food and dancing. Suddenly a wicked Spider ruins the party by capturing Lady Fly. The guests are too scared to help their friend, but the day is saved by a brave Mosquito who drives away the Spider. The party continues.


Buzzer-buzzer fly,
Golden tummy, shiny eye,
Over fields she roamed and flew,
At the market, not so far,
She bought herself a samovar.
            “Listen, cockroaches, to me,
            Leave your holes
            And come to tea.”
Came the cockroaches in masses,
And they drank from cups and glasses.
And the little ones drank too.
Each three cups with milk–
Like you.
Each one had some cake and pie,
For the buzzer-buzzer fly
Had her birthday then.
With a present came the fleas
High boots reaching to the knees
To protect the fly from cold,
All the snaps were made of gold!
To the party came the granny bee,
For the fly some honeycomb brought she.
            Without a word,
An old spider caught our fly:
"You shall die!"

Муха, Муха - Цокотуха,
Позолоченное брюхо!

Муха по полю пошла,
Муха денежку нашла.

Пошла Муха на базар
И купила самовар:

"Приходите, тараканы,
Я вас чаем угощу!"

Тараканы прибегали,
Все стаканы выпивали,

А букашки -
По три чашки
С молоком
И крендельком:
Нынче Муха-Цокотуха

Приходили к Мухе блошки,
Приносили ей сапожки,
А сапожки не простые -
В них застежки золотые.

Приходила к Мухе
Меду принесла...

Кушайте варенье!
Или вам не нравится
Наше угощенье?"

Вдруг какой-то старичок
Нашу Муху в уголок
Поволок -
Хочет бедную убить,
Цокотуху погубить!



This is NOT the end of the story.

Illustration by Konashevich, 1924
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